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LDC United Club Guidelines
Club Guidelines  
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Key Information
Club – LDC United is organized as a soccer club within the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer
Association governing guidelines

A Nike Premier Club – The LDC United Soccer Club has been given Nike Premier Club
status. This status distinguishes our club as one of top Nike soccer clubs in the nation. As a Nike Premier
Club all players receive two complete uniform kits, training shorts and top and a Nike soccer bag.  This status
provides more opportunities for higher level tournament entry, training resources and player

Leagues and Tournaments
• CPYSL (Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League), PAGS (Philadelphia Girls Soccer League),
Delco (Delaware County Youth Soccer League).
  Our teams play in leagues that provide the competitive
level to challenge their abilities.  

Atlantic Soccer League – A league for boys and girls U14 to U18 established in 2010 for top
soccer clubs in eastern US.  The league guarantees entry into four top tournaments on the east coast. ASL
membership assures acceptance and placement at the best field sites with top competition and college
coach attendance.  League Play weekends provide more localize competition of member clubs and a
league championship tournament is planned.

Tournaments - Our Coaching Director directs teams to appropriate level tournaments for their
age group and ability level.  Younger teams play most often locally while our old teams may travel primarily
in the Eastern US.

Player Development

Technical Oversight – A professional Coaches Advisory Group provides technical direction and
oversight of LDC.  Members are LDC Coaching Director, Bill Becher, and LDC Pro Coaches John Gregg,
Denis Clarke, Jason Pelletier, Dave Kern, Mike McHugh

Pro Coaching – We are extremely proud of our coaching staff.  All have solid high level playing
and coaching experience.  21 of the 27 teams in LDC United have pro coaches.

Parent Coaching –  6 teams have parent coaches who have demonstrated coaching abilities.

Early Development - At our U9-U10 age groups we primarily use a qualified parent coach and
supplement that coaching with a once week training session during the fall season from our Youth
Development Coaching Director, Denis Clarke.  Denis also attends some games to provide assistance
as appropriate.

Extra Training – Extra training opportunities are provided to include individual skills training,
fitness training, strength training and goalkeeper clinics.

Fee Structure

Registration Fee – The registration fee covers uniforms, equipment, program administration,
club operations, maintenance and LDMS field use.  This fee must be paid to complete online registration.

Program Fee – Fees for additional soccer activities that occur throughout the year have
traditionally been collected by the team manager.  Each parent pays their proportionate share regularly
or as needed.  LDC has established a baseline of activities that all teams will include in their yearly plans and
will standardize the collection of fees for those activities. 

 The Program Fee covers, tournaments (4),
state cup, referee fees for fall league, league and player fees, winter indoor facilities fee, special training
activities, summer soccer camp (U9-U12 teams), and if the team is professionally coached, the coaching fee
and the coaches overnight travel allowance for tournaments out the area.  Each team manager will collect this
program fee and send to the Treasurer as per the schedule. 

 Teams may do individual/team fundraising
to cover the Program Fee.  Teams playing in more than four tournaments or doing additional soccer related
activities will need to collect additional funds. Acknowledgement of the obligation to fully pay the Program Fee
is required as part of a parents/players acceptance to participate on an LDC team.  

Player Participation Guidelines

It is important to understand that LDC United is a year round program.  There is an expected
level of participation for players, coaches and parents.  This participation level is different depending on the
age group.  For younger teams (U9-U13) we recognize players are participating in other sports in their
primary season.  We would encourage parents and players to make every effort to continue
participating in the off-season soccer activities.  For the older teams (U14-U18) the expectation is that
players and parents have made a choice that soccer is one of their primary sports and therefore will
participate in all the training and playing opportunities available.  

Playing Time – We are developing players first and foremost.  To develop, players need to
and play competitive games.  All players get equal practice time and from there earn their playing
Coaches determine playing time and positional play based on their assessment of players and


LD Middle School Fields – The club has controlled access to four excellent playing surfaces, the
two field turf fields and the two grass soccer fields.  This resource gives us opportunities to showcase not
only our soccer talent but our beautiful area.

Keller Field – After the flood of 2011 Keller Fields have been returned to a prime playing
location for our teams playing 8v8 soccer.

Organization – We understand the importance of good communications.  We want to hear your
feedback, the good and the not so good.  The club administration is available via email, phone or face to
face meetings to deal with any problems and listen to concerns.  We are committed to making this the
best choice for premier youth soccer.

LDC United - since 1999

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