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LDC United Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions  
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We will try to provide more information on some common concerns and issues you may have regarding this "premiere" soccer organization.  We recognize that moving to this level may be a difficult decision and the more information you have the more prepared you will be to make that decision.  Anyone interested in an LDC United team should contact the coach for specific information on team training, playing and expected commitment levels.

What is premier soccer?
The term "premier" is used widely in the youth soccer community.  There are no specific qualifications needed to wear this label.  There are no requirements for player or team achievement and no coaching qualifications are needed.  Because of this, the term can be abused.  From our perspective, premier soccer indicates that teams are committed to playing high level, competitive soccer and have demonstrated team and player successes. LDC United Soccer is committed to developing players and teams that appropriately fit the premier designation.  LDC United teams have a strong player base that have demonstrated a commitment to soccer and have been successful in league and tournament play.  Players that want to participate at the premier level should plan to train and play soccer regularly.  Teams play in fall, winter and spring leagues.  They play in Indoor and Outdoor Cups and tournaments on a year round basis.  They train at a high level of intensity.  Following league and tournament success, teams seek out tournaments that are organized specifically for the Premier level.  If you are prepared for this level of competition, individual and team improvement occurs rapidly.  Intense training and competition does not mean that it will not be fun.  Premier soccer should be synonymous with quality soccer.  Quality soccer can be fun if it is organized, managed and coached well.  Our goal is to present premier soccer at LDC United.

Can I do other sports?
Kids should have the opportunity to experience a number of different sports as they grow-up.  It should eventually be their choice regarding the sport or sports on which they chose to focus.  At the younger ages we recognize that providing time for others sports is important.  While most teams have year round activities, there are certain times of the year when soccer becomes primary.  This is generally the fall season.  At other times soccer training may give way to other sports.  What is critical for the multi-sport player is their ability to stay in touch with soccer during the winter indoor season and mix soccer with other spring sports. Most teams train during the winter months and play in indoor leagues.  In the spring teams train and play in tournaments.  Players should be available for the majority of these "off season" activities.  Participation in Indoor and Outdoor Cups is a goal of every LDC United team.

How much will it cost?
Soccer is generally not considered an expensive sport because of the minimal investment needed in equipment.  At its' basic level "all" you need is a ball, shin guards and shoes. But, several things have happened that are making the sport more expensive.  Uniforms, indoor facilities, outdoor fields, tournaments, administrative requirements, travel and professional coaching all add to the costs.  We recognize the need to keep costs down but acknowledge that a quality program does cost the participants more.  Some costs can be kept down because our program is operated within the structure of a large soccer association.  Our program has a combination of professionally coached teams in which the team members pay a monthly coaching fee and non-professionally coached teams.  The non-professionally coached teams utilize our professional staff as trainers throughout the year.  Other costs are dependent on each individual coach's plans on attending tournaments and playing indoor soccer.  Several good tournaments are in our area but premier level competition and tournaments require greater travel which increases costs.  

Can I just tryout?
Players are encouraged to try out for LDC United teams. If you are not registered with LDSA, there is a try out fee.  Please refer to "Tryouts and Registration" for more information on registration and try outs.  There is an option to be placed on LD teams that play in CPYSL if not select for LDC United.

What about school soccer?
Soccer has improved tremendously over the last decade because of what has happened between club soccer and school soccer.  Players are getting exposed to a lot of good soccer and quality coaching.  In looking at both programs, school soccer has a limited season.  At the Junior High level the season is  two months.  In High School this stretches to three months.  Club soccer is year round and participation on teams is not limited to a school district area.  High school soccer can have a wide range of competition and this competition is limited to a local conference.  Club soccer has the flexibility to seek out the appropriate level of competition for the team through leagues and tournaments.   Both have an appropriate role in developing soccer players.  Players are encourage to participate in the school program.  Our coaches acknowledge the school season and have limited training activities during this time.  

Why is this program different? 
LDC United is attempting to present a quality high level soccer program to include top coaching, equipment, fields and competition while keeping the costs reasonable.  Several of our teams will use a combination of qualified non-professional coaches with training provided by our professional staff.  On these teams our professional trainers are assigned to specific teams and will work with that team throughout the season.  Continuity will be assure through this method.  Our coaches and trainers also limit the number of teams with which they work to two.  This assures that the coach and trainer will be at the training sessions and will become very familiar with each and every player on the team.  We also understand the relationship of winning and player/team development.  Our goal is to develop players. We expect that winning will happen but it is not essential.  We also put great effort into making the experience more than "just" a soccer game.  We want our teams to develop great friendships and have lifetime learning experiences.  Youth soccer is a great family game and we want all our families to enjoy every part of it.
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